How To Take Better Selfies


It’s OK

not to have

selfie control.

-Anonymous (usually a woman)



Curating fun and varied social media posts can be a full-time job for the dedicated (unlike me.) Whether you’re sharing life at home or adventures on the road, try these easy tips for more engaging selfies with the help of your smartphone’s timer. Handier than a portable tripod, my phone’s leather folio case makes it easy to prop it up on any available surface to compose a shot. It also keeps credit cards and cash tucked conveniently inside its flap while protecting the phone’s screen from nicks and cracks when dropped.

Perfect the Pose.  Point toes of one foot toward the camera to elongate the legs, roll shoulders back for elegant posture, then stretch the chin forward and down to minimize the double chin. Before asking someone to take your photo, show the person a sample of what you want included in the shot first to give them an idea of your composition.

Capture the Mood. Make-up and better outfits definitely elevate a picture, but the one thing that makes a moment stand out is the feeling and memories it conjures. Aim to catch an emotion whether it be joy, a pensive mood, chutzpah, etc.

It’s All In the Eyes
. If the camera is held below your eye level, keep your gaze slightly above it to catch some light. For a genuine smile regardless of how you feel about your teeth, always show them anyway and let the twinkle shine through the crinkle in those eyes.

Easy on the filters. Less is more with photo edits. When the lighting is good on the face, I simply lessen shadows and add a touch of contrast.  Cloudy days can use the pop of a brightening filter which will need minimized color saturation. If the best available light is tungsten yellow or some other funky color, go close to the light source for the best contrast then see how the photo looks in black and white. 

Curate and print, print, print! No matter the size of your iCloud storage, your grandkids will not scroll through your digital pictures as they would enjoy flipping through printed pictures in a box or album. Make a habit of emailing your best shots to yourself with descriptive words on the subject line to make them easy to find for a print run–say, your Top 10 favorites each year.

Go Pro.  To mark a milestone occasion, honor someone you love or simply celebrate life, find a photographer who shares your aesthetic and makes you feel comfortable with your preferences. You want someone who is organized and dependable, someone who makes your life easy by planning ahead for outfits, concepts, and logistics.  Even better if they print and matte the best of your collection for you!

I wholeheartedly agree with the saying that the best camera is not necessarily the biggest or the fanciest but the one that you keep handy and actually use. I am a big fan of the convenience of the iPhone camera which does its best job with full sun. In low light and less than ideal lighting conditions, it still has a way to go to catch up with the picture quality of a full frame DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

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