How To Spoil Mom


If you aren’t yelling at your kids,

you’re not spending

enough time with them.

Reese Witherspoon



Spending time with mom has much greater currency after Empty Nest when we can choose to reverse roles and spoil her during our visits.  No matter if we’ve only known her as a retired martyr, who wouldn’t tear up getting acknowledged for all she didn’t know she’d have to put up with, get blamed for, and live through? 😉

The essential skill of paying attention to the little things—the flowers and food she loves, the colors she prefers—unknowingly becomes the secret sauce of our success with other people at work, among friends and especially in our intimate relationships. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to hone this necessary skill because–one other little thing for our young ladies to note–how a man treats his mother is very likely how he’ll treat you! Learn from royal courtiers who best each other on ways to delight and impress the Queen though she already owns everything in the Queendom.

If she likes yoga, biking or hiking, think of an unusual setting. On the beach at sunset, perhaps?


If art or shopping is her thing, drive her to another city or quaint town for a spree.  If you’re out of town yourself, send a generous check or Amex gift card with the flowers.


Surprise her with a weekend escape or, to make it even more exciting, fly her out of the country. Find near or far destinations on


If she loves a party, plan a brunch or picnic outdoors and rachet up the WOW by using nothing disposable as any responsible mother of this planet would do.


And since she is the bind that links generations, let her golden chains always be 24k from


Click on “Leave a comment” (top right) to share how you’re celebrating the woman who was your entire world first, the woman who gave you the very best of her everything, the woman who showed you what true love really is. And may you find great pleasure in mothering your mom, too!



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