A Thanksgiving Birthday

I figure that 

if the children are alive by the time I get home,

I’ve done my job.

Roseanne Barr


If there is one person we owe gratitude first, it is to the woman who gave us life in this magical world. And to have a mother who is the ideal many of us have only heard about and can only strive for?  Such a life is golden!

This Powerful Goddess celebrates her Thanksgiving birthday with a beautiful tribute to her dearest mother. And  please, please Ssshhh! don’t tell my kids someone has a mother such as this. 😉 She writes:

My Mom is one of the purest souls I have ever known–slow to anger, tremendously patient, forgiving, and selfless. She has done so much for me without ever asking for anything in return. She doesn’t seek or draw attention, but deserves much recognition and praise. Never nagging or critical, hard working and loyal, devoted to her husband and children, she continues to give the best of herself to five decades of marriage and being a mother of seven adults, succeeding remarkably at it. She instilled in me values such as kindness, first and foremost, modesty, and the importance of family. I am blessed and so very proud to have a mother like her.

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Why I’m Happy on My Birthday

Birthdays are good for you.

Statistics show that the people who have the most

live the longest.

Larry Lorenzoni

stop the beauty madness

Another birthday for me this week and I am happy to notice that I’m in a good place–of surrender!  I can patiently sit through women’s conversations about weight, diets, workout obsessions, and cosmetic procedures without feeling compelled to chime in or do something about myself.  But when I hear the husbands discuss the exact same topics among themselves, I do wonder, “What has our world come to?”  As we age, is it our fear of death that makes us cling to vestiges of youth and beauty?  Why, just a couple of centuries ago, men and women could not have even expected to live past their 40’s!  I say anything beyond it is a big bonus to relish, not worry over. 😉

So what does help me age graciously?  A wicked sense of humor, the thought (and threat) of the example I’m giving my daughter, and taking a lifetime to question what I grew up believing.  Plus there was that secret pact I made as a teen with God that I would not complain about anything else if my pimples would just go away, pretty please. Reality is always easier to bear with a little grin as in this Stop The Beauty Madness ad campaign.

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stop the beauty madness


stop the beauty madness

stop the beauty madness

stop the beauty madness


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