The Art of Seduction

To love oneself is

the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Oscar Wilde

What I love about Kitty Cavalier’s NYC School of Charm and Cheek is that it uses the Art of Seduction to bring fun women together and, more importantly, to teach you the value of seducing your own delicious self!  Drawing from the pain she endured from a lifetime of learning to make peace with her body, Kitty birthed classes that help every woman transform her own perception of whatever shape, age and size she’s in.  Kitty writes:

All of us can use a little peek at how to  use the art of seduction in our day to day life.  Why?  None of us has been taught how to use this as a way to add more pleasure and success to our existence.  When we hear the word “seduction”, our minds instantly go to manipulation and sex.  But seduction is not just something that occurs between lovers.  True seduction is a way of making life itself your lover, and committing to the truest, most everlasting marriage you will ever have – the Divine as it expresses itself through you.

Kitty’s class Seduction is a Spiritual Practice resumes next week in NYC:

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© Sharon Birke

Let’s photograph the seductress in you!

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Photography for the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother


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