Bootylicious Destiny

I know.

In fact, I am never wrong.

Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Sequins and shadow by Sharon Birke

My sister recommends we declare NFL Monday a national holiday for “Not Feeling Lucid” or “Not Feeling Like (Working)” Day.  Sports enthusiasts or not, we must have all stayed up for the halftime show.  And Beyonce did not disappoint.  Even if she lip-synced (which she didn’t) and challenged the definition of wholesome family entertainment (which she did, leaving husbands and sons drooling), the woman did give an electric performance with her all female band and back up dancers.   I did the math on her age (31) and 16 year career and figured that while her friends in middle school zoned out in front of the TV, she was ready to perform in it!

As her curvaceous silhouette emerged on a platform to own the stage, the voice over paid homage to her tireless perfectionism:  “Excellence must be pursued, it must be wooed, with all of one’s might and every bit of effort that we have.”   Some of us older than her 31 years would do well to say with equal conviction this quote from her pre-show interview, “All the things that I’ve done have prepared me for this.  I’m ready.  This is what I was born to do.”

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Sequins and Shadows by Sharon Birke

© Sharon Birke

201 697 1947

Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

Sequins and Shadow by Sharon Birke

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  1. christinahultquist
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 21:12:37



  2. Mountain
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 23:07:04

    A coincidence that your sister should have such a recommendation. I offered my opinion on Monday morning to my team, luckily they all showed up, more than I can say for the staff of the company we support! I suggested Super Bowl be held on Saturday just for that reason. I don’t have much sympathy for…I over did it! I can think of far better reasons NOT to show up for work. Like a Goddess whispering in my ear as I open my eyes…”stay home today and I’ll make us breakfast”…;)
    The photos of this Goddess are far more intoxicating than anything I could possibly drink at a Super Bowl party!

    I have only shared with one person the three things I thought in my mind I was born to be or do. Sadly none of them are what I am, my fault! If you feel it do it, don’t wait around for it to fall into your lap. Rarely is success that easy!



    • Powerful Goddess Photography
      Feb 08, 2013 @ 11:13:40

      You may already be those 3 things to a degree, Mountain! You have my vote for SuperBowl Saturday, too.


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