Lucky Guy

Sometimes I’ve believed 

as many as six impossible things

before breakfast.

Lewis Carroll


Two decades ago, my husband confidently announced the wedding date he had chosen guarantees that he will always remember our anniversary.  Lately, giving him frank reminders 2 weeks prior and 2 days prior only made me feel like an iPhone alert to no effect.   So the night before D-day, I finally asked, “Do you want to go out tomorrow?”  He was still sweetly oblivious to the occasion and asks, “Why?  We’re going out with friends this weekend anyway.”  Grrrr!  I finally confronted my laptop to make dinner reservations and grab the last 2 seats to Nora Ephron’s latest (and last) Broadway play, Lucky Guy starring Tom Hanks–which my Prince Charming had summarily dismissed as unlikely at the last minute.

My daughter woke me up too early the next morning with a three course breakfast on a rolling cart, complete with flower candles, hot tea, and a printed menu.  She couldn’t convince her dad, the early bird, to get over his aversion to breakfast (and lounging) in bed, so she and I fed each other the meal she has lovingly prepared.  She lay her head on my tummy and asked if I remember how a decade ago she was floating around in it.   I meant it when I told her “You are my best anniversary present!” expecting her usual “I know.”  Instead, she said, “I’m your gift for putting up with Dada!”  And so very well worth it!

Lucky I don’t heed my mom’s advice to “marry him first and change him later.”

Lucky the qualities I married him for are still the same qualities I love about him today, despite seeing the other side of the coin.

Lucky I’ve learned to keep eyes open to the beauty of the one I wake up to everyday–because wouldn’t you know, being married to Mr. Early Bird means I usually wake up to me!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    May 03, 2013 @ 08:52:17

    In Mr.Sharky’s defense, there isn’t one! You Goddesses know you get what you get but not necessarily always what you deserve when you choose your man. What do the Goddesses in our lives truly deserve? Everything that is good and as solid as the rock that we try to be! We have no excuse for forgetting an important occasion. It should be in our head or iPhone or Outlook. Sometimes when we do forget something important, know that our hearts also sink like a rock when we feel the “Grrrr” and realize our faux pas. But then!, we attempt to make up for it. Hopefully in some way that you will doubly love…hmmmm there is a plan…and with any luck a “lucky guy” and a happy Goddess once again! 😉

    I always know that when start a sentence with “my daughter” it’s going to be memorable, Ahhhhhhhh! Thank you for sharing, Sharky!

    Belated Happy Anniversary!!



    • Sharon Birke
      May 03, 2013 @ 10:20:17

      Thank you, Mountain, and no worries–GRRRR venting is kind
      when done under one’s breath. 😉 Just another reminder to myself that
      happiness is in my own hands. xoxox


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