Great Gatsby

I thank God everyday for my life

and you would, too.

Alexis Bellino, Real Housewife of Orange County

_S5A2189New-York-New-Jersey-Glamour-Boudoir-Portraits-Sharon Birke

Can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby movie as I love the high style and ebullience of the flapper era.  If I had a dedicated suitor who woos me with lavish parties and treats, my husband beware! 😉

As an observer of human nature like Nick Carraway, I am impressed to hear about a plain and plump mother of four (obviously not this Powerful Goddess here) who lives in a creaky old house with one bathroom.  I asked, “Is she happy?”– thinking that for all my optimism, I need certain comforts.  I was assured she glows from being adored by her affectionate children and husband, holding hands even when they watch TV and still spooning as they sleep after 30 years together.   I think of how some women with greater material wealth live with far less contentment and I’m reminded of what I call “The Great Leveler”–our tendency to compare and make ourselves miserable dwelling on what isn’t, what we don’t have, what can’t be.  And we’re not just comparing ourselves with next door neighbors these days.  Reality TV raises the bar each week, fueling our discontent with indulgent husbands and the fairytale lifestyles of “Real Housewives.”

Great Leveler or not, there is some comfort in knowing that we actually hold the key to our bliss.  In every moment, we have the power to choose gratitude and seek the gifts of what is, what we have, and what can be regardless of what life brings.

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  1. Mountain
    May 26, 2013 @ 10:54:37

    When it comes to reality TV…I run the other way! The only one that hooked me for about two episodes was Dina Eastwood’s attempt at entertaining us. Love the Maui house and Dina is a hot Goddess! Other than that…Reality TV is not so real life that I care to see. In recent years I have learned to appreciate that less is better, for me anyway. A comfortable lifestyle (with all the comforts) is much easier to maintain and leaves more time for simple pleasures.

    I love old movies! In the past year or so I have taken notice of the clothing styles of the women in movies from the 20’s and into the 40’s. They are so sexy and in some cases quite risque’. Enjoy the “Great Gatsby”, Sharky! You “Flapper” in disguise 😉

    Memorial Day! Thanks to all that have given so we can continue to enjoy our free reality life!


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