For the Love of Luxury

Men like cars, 
women like clothes.
I like cars because they take me to clothes.
Rita Rudner
_S5A4997Red-Corvette-Powerful-G0ddess-Sharon Birke
Father’s Day is a good day as any to pick up a lesson or two from men and their more relaxed attitude towards luxury and money.  Following is an excerpt from Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” on the importance of pampering–and when she speaks of art and creativity, I think of life itself.
For those of us who yearn to be creative and refuse to feed that hunger in ourselves so that we become more and more focused on our deprivation–a little authentic luxury can go a long way.  The key word here is authentic.  Because art is born in expansion, in a belief in sufficient supply, it is critical that we pamper ourselves for the sense of abundance it brings to us.
Luxury is very often a shift in consciousness more than flow–although as we acknowledge and invite what feels luxurious to us, we may indeed trigger an increased flow.  Creative living requires the luxury of time and space for ourselves and pampering can take many forms.  For Gillian, a pair of new-to-her tweed trousers from the vintage store conjured images of Carole Lombard laughter and racy roadsters. For Jean, a single sprightly Gerber daisy perched on her night table told her life was abloom with possibility.  Constance found luxury in allowing herself the indulgence of a magazine subscription.  For Kathy, it is a deluxe Crayola set, “the kind my mother would never get me.” For Berenice, the answer is fresh raspberries.  (And there’s fun, too, in taking luxury literally like this Powerful Goddess here!)
All too often, we become blocked and blame it on our lack of money.  This is never an authentic block.  The actual block is our feeling of constriction, our sense of powerlessness.  Art requires us to empower ourselves with choice.  At the most basic level, this means choosing to do self-care… Forget high minded aspirations.  What sounds like fun?
Click on “Leave a Comment” (above left) to share your favorite indulgence.  Have many luxurious days long after Father’s Day!
_S5A4983Red-Corvette-Powerful-G0ddess-Sharon Birke
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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 08:36:12

    A few years ago I lost my taste for “luxury” indulgence but would I like that dark blue Bow-Tie Corvette in my garage? Sure, but I can live without it. I’m just as happy with my Bow-Tie 4X4. Earlier this year when asked to go to Hawaii my first reaction and answer was, no thanks. But at the last minute my daughters big brown sad eyes changed my mind (a good reason for indulgence) and John Paul Dejoria was paying for some of the trip anyway, so why not go! It’s not because of $’s that I feel as I do now though. I rarely said no and have indulged others to a point where it was expected of me but sometimes unappreciated and that left a bad taste. There are other more important things in life that would thrill me and some don’t cost a dime, but are priceless! Indulge yourself as you please but make it “authentic” (a good description), I think you will find it goes down easier and leaves a better taste just like a big slice of egg pie. 🙂

    My favorite shot…that last one, sexy Goddess and I can imagine the Vette is blue.;)

    Happy Father’s Day to the fathers in your family, Sharky!



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