Best Movies Set in Venice

Is it worthwhile to observe that

there are no Venetian blinds in Venice? 

William Dean Howels


Bongiorno!  Today I transport myself to what may be the closest thing to time travel.  I’m headed for the Carnivale in Venice where they celebrate the centuries old festivity of wearing masks and elaborate costumes from the 18th century.  I promise I’ll take you along with me so my next few blog posts will feature everything Venetian.   We begin with a few movies I’ve enjoyed featuring eye candy from her iconic sights.

Dangerous Beauty

The glamour of 16th century Renaissance featuring the life of legendary courtesan, Veronica Franco, with Jacqueline Bisset playing the role of aging mother.



Flashbacks on the glamourous Hollywood life of Cole Porter with his wife, Linda Lee, whom he met in Paris in the 1920’s where Americans were inventing new lives of freedom.  Kevin Kline plays the elegant Cole, always witty on stage, charming in front of society, writing the pain into the soundtrack of his life.  My favorite Ashley Judd plays the nuanced role of Linda who nurtures his talent and indulges his preference for men.  Why, oh, why is the woman always the one who has to re-arrange her life to suit the man (even when he’s gay)?

Cole Porter De-Lovely Movie Kevin Kline Ashley Judd

Wings of the Dove

Two lovers plot to gain the inheritance of a sickly, rich American (“the richest orphan in the world”) by stealing her affections.  A film based on Henry James’ famous novel.


Casino Royale

James Bond’s world tour of casinos ends with the fantastic sinking of an abandoned palazzo on a Venetian canal.


The Tourist

Johnny Depp plays the unlikely mystery lover of Angelina Jolie.  Watch out for my dream necklace in the final scenes.

The Tourist movie set in Venice


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 08:11:38

    Why, oh why??!! Because although women are Goddesses and hold so much “power” over us men, we are Gods too and Goddesses know their place in the hierarchy. Why, oh why do I think I’m going to get it for that comment?? Be gentle with me, O’ Powerful Goddess Sharky! 😉

    All kidding aside, I am so looking forward to the future blogs and photos of your travels and lavish times past.The words that you use to describe always paint beautiful pictures of places you love to visit. Take us there, Sharky!


    PS…another quote about Venice that made me chuckle….“Streets flooded. Please advise.” Robert Benchley


  2. Mountain
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 08:27:33

    I enjoyed some Italian roast coffee this morning in honor of my favorite photographer and esplora luoghi felici. I pictured you at a famous café like the Café Florian. Browsing the menu, mouth watering, imagining the flavors created and re-created from centuries of fine recipes. Enjoy, Sharky!



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