Back to (Seduction) School

I consider a day’s teaching wasted

if we do not all have one hearty laugh.

Gilbert Highet


This morning, I kissed the kids goodbye –or good riddance? 😉 –as they dragged sleepy heads and heavy backpacks out the door.  There has been very little contest between books and computer games through the summer and it is a sad kind of funny how they find reading a chore. Will I live to see the day when they’ll fall in love with learning just for the fun of it?  Perhaps these seduction tips from Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction” can help me parent with charm through gritted teeth:

Remember the person who interests us most is our own self.  Get inside the other person’s skin, piercing their psychology.

Stop saying the first thing that comes to your mind–you must control the urge to prattle and vent. Say things that please, that relate to their lives and touch their vanity.  Say things that are witty and entertaining, or that make the future seem bright and hopeful.

Do not become sentimental–it is tiring, and too direct.  The most anti-seductive form of language is argument. The superior way to get people to listen and be persuaded?  Humor and a light touch.

Let them get an intriguing impression of you while you show no particular interest in them.

Focus on feelings and sensations, using expressions that are ripe with connotation. Plant ideas by dropping hints, writing suggestively without explaining yourself.  Never lecture, never seem intellectual or superior. It is more persuasive to appeal to people’s hearts than their heads.

Flattery is music to anyone’s ears and is seductive language in its purest form. This is language designed to move people and lower their tolerance.  Aim at the person’s weakness, the areas where he needs validation.  Sniff out a talent or positive quality that others have not noticed.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 08:45:44

    A freedom break in the day(s) for mom, you made it thru!

    Oh how I hated the first day of school! Summer is over and my life is done! I’m happy to say though that I enjoyed not growing up in the world of electronics that keep kids inside today. For me, baseball, bicycle, camping and fishing, anything outdoors was where you would find me. Up early and stay up late…describes me even today. But I wish now I could go back to those days knowing what I do, I would look forward to that first day. The school girl Goddess pictured here, WOW!. Goddesses were my major in high school and look where it has gotten me! Happily writing commentary on a thoughtful blog about Goddesses; who would have thunk? Just for photo record the first girl I dated in HS I discovered in through lens of my camera. It was for a photography class, I was studying! 😉

    My favorite photo this week is the apple and the ruler. I know the apple is a little sweet seduction for the teacher but is the ruler for learning to measure or some needed discipline? God knows that naughty boys like me need to be disciplined, right Sharky!? 😉



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