The Goddess of Creation

Live your life

as if it were

a work of art. 

Rabbi Abraham Heschel


L’Shanah Tovah!  The Jewish New Year brings to mind the quote above.  I love the metaphor that like art, I create my life from chaos, messiness, not knowing better, with an eclectic mix of influences.  In honor of some of my favorite people whose birthdays and new beginnings seem to cluster at this time of year, I dedicate these musings on their life choices that have inspired me as I create my own work of art–some realizations, some questions that I’m sure has echoed in the beautiful mind of Goddesses through the ages:

What’s the fun in life without our imperfections?

Must happiness depend on owning whom or what we desire?

If we must wear “busy, busy, busy” as a badge of pride, what does such busy-ness cost us?

Whom do I allow to decide what is enough for me to want and need?

When we feel like jumping in to rescue someone in apparent hell, is it possible that (s)he may actually be in his/her version of heaven and have no wish to be saved?

Alone is not necessarily lonely.  Just as being in a relationship is no guarantee against loneliness.

A day without laughter is wasted.

True love is the gift we give ourselves. And may the giving of it be satisfaction enough so we need not become beholden to the binds of ingratitude, lack of appreciation, or unrequited love.

When fairytales spare us the details of “happily ever after,” it leaves the HOW to our imagination.

Anyone who insists you owe them your honesty simply wants to control and judge you–for your own good, of course! 😉

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© Sharon Birke

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Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. deborahkolb
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 09:21:41

    You always delight me with your beautiful and creative pictures Sharky 😉


  2. Mountain
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 15:09:59

    What is a birthday but a new beginning. There needs to be a starting point to be able to mark for the future and only use the past as something to remember, not to live. This is what my birthday meant to me this year.

    To start I shared something most personal of myself with a favorite person. One might think perhaps to offer more words of continuance along the same path but in fact it was a sigh of relief that enough had finely been said. I choose not to celebrate in the typical fashion against the will of family and friends that wondered; but why? Because it’s what I want to do, for me, I replied. Let them wonder, today is my day! I needed draw a line in the sand for myself and then step over, don’t look back. What distance will I have traveled by the same time next year? That of course remains to be measured. And what gift for myself will I find as I’ve reached full circle and step over that line, again. I know what I want to be there, a favorite person, the one that has cared and shared.

    As always, Sharky! Your art touches us all.

    L’shanah tovah!



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