London With Teen

I sometimes wonder if

Americans are fooled by our accent

into detecting brilliance

that may not really be there.

Stephen Fry


Last week, I suddenly found myself in London with a young travel companion who–though smitten by the British accent–did not come to visit the Queen nor her crown jewels, completely determined to avoid museums at all costs. Some shopping maybe? Not that either.  So what else was left to do? Plenty, it seems!

Keep an eye on the London Eye

 Skip the endless queue and buy tickets ahead online for the 3:30 pm guided tour

London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom
+44 871 781 3000


Trot through Hyde Park on four hooves with these beauties of Hyde Park StablesThey couldn’t trust beginners like us to hang on to the reins while holding a camera, so this is our best shot right by the stable.

 63 Bathurst Mews, London W2 2SB, United Kingdom +44 20 7723 2813


Boudoir high tea, Madame?

Have a party designing your own at

Biscuiteer’s Boutique in Notting Hill

194 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2ES, United Kingdom
+44 20 7727 8096


Watch a show at the grand Royal Albert Hall

Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, United Kingdom
+44 20 7589 8212


I spy a scorpion!  Watch the modern Sherlock Holmes British TV series to whet teen curiosity for this icon of mystery


From the London Eye, a sunset stroll over the Charing Cross pedestrian bridge takes you to my favorite hotel in London:

The Corinthia

Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2BD, United Kingdom
+44 20 7930 8181


My teen had no interest in a guided tour so I’ll just pass on a recommendation by a Powerful Goddess client: Context Tours for guides with academic backgrounds to match your tour of interest. You won’t have to wonder if the stories they tell you is just another fairy tale. London Walks is famous for its 7:30 pm Jack The Ripper tours.

And if you’re in town at the right time, Vauxhall disco roller skating happens on weekends and The Magic Circle has a once a month event open to the public.

For those who are not particularly museum averse, the Victoria and Albert is my favorite for art and design!

Click on “Leave a Comment” (above left) to share your favorite  tips when you keep calm and travel to London with teens. xoxox


© Sharon Birke

201 697 1947

Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 08:37:01

    Many years ago a Goddess walked into where I worked and when she spoke her beautiful British accent melted me. Then some years later I married a woman who’s family is from Birmingham but she was the only one without the accent. She was born and raised here. Certain accents appeal to me. They tend to soothe yet excite at the same time. There has been a couple of Goddesses who’s voices and accents have had that affect on me.

    The first photo is very interesting, the contrast and the way the background and the foreground are blended but separate. Great shot! But I’d have to say that the Goddess and teen—“Goddess in training”, equestrians is my favorite. Isn’t it true that those cobblestone streets are more suited for hooves rather than automobiles?

    Such a lovely teen and she has her mother’s delightful smile. 🙂

    Je suis surpris qu’elle ne vous a pas glisser “coups de pied et criant” à Paris, Sharky! 😉



  2. Mountain
    Feb 28, 2015 @ 21:42:11

    So much for Google translate!! It was meant to say..I’m surprised that she did drag you “kicking and screaming” to Paris.

    Strangely, I was thinking earlier today, I don’t trust it translating correctly and checked it again. Glad I did! Just goes to show…just because it’s on the internet does not make it correct. Next time I’m calling a Goddess I know who was born in France.


  3. Mountain
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 20:43:08

    That’s funny! I was wondering. 😉

    What is worse than going for some comic relief and discovering that your punchline has been miscued! Thank you kind Goddess for saving the show and I’m looking forward to that blog. I’m sure there will be some more treasured photos.



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