No Feet Left Behind

The one thing that can solve

most of our problems

is dancing.

James Brown


Exasperated by the computer induced anti-social and sedentary lifestyle of my teens, I signed Mr. Highschool Senior for social dance classes last week. “This will make you famous with the girls in college!,” I assured him. Yet the minutes were long waiting for him to come out of that first lesson.  Was I just wasting time and money?  He finally stepped out of class grinning, “Dancing is fun!” Whew–Thank you, Goddess!

This week, by some fantastic coincidence, I heard about Dancing Classrooms: a 10 week (20 session) social development program for 5th and 8th grade children using the vehicle of ballroom dance.  The dance floor is, after all, a literal level playing field, doing away with the learning barrier between the gifted and talented and those with special needs. In social dance, every child is treated like a lady and gentleman, taught how to connect with and respect members of the opposite sex, given a safe environment to enjoy movement.

Kudos to teachers and school administrators who recognize that a developing personality thrives beyond grades and testing, that adding fun and engaging character education fosters respect and teamwork, affirming a child’s self-confidence with a sense of joy and accomplishment. All this while teaching good posture, considerate manners, and the importance of eye to eye contact with other human beings. They may even discover that their limbs have uses beyond being hunched over tech gadgets!

Social dance changes children’s perception of themselves and I love how the Dancing Classrooms program sets expectations that help elevate their outlook in life.  Thank you to Pierre Dulaine who founded this program in 1994 and the fabulous men and women who continue to make learning essential life skills fun and easy! I was totally impressed by the children who showed off what they learned in 10 short weeks at last night’s gala.

To donate, volunteer or partner your public school with the Dancing Classrooms program:

A closer peek through the lens of legendary NY Times society photographer Bill Cunningham


You’re never too young or too old for fun on the dance floor!


 A mighty proud 5th grade ballroom dancer


Watch their video “Mad Hot Ballroom”

 Photos © Sharon Birke

201 697 1947

Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Mar 15, 2015 @ 12:40:50

    I admire a young man that goes along with his parents wishes, but I can almost hear it—Ohhh Mom!!! Good for you Sharon—success!

    Dancing is not one of my more refined assets. A Goddess who loves to dance once asked me if I danced, I replied honestly, not much. So she pulled me off the couch a couple of times anyway for quick spins around her living room. How could I refuse a Goddess. And how can you go wrong with a beautiful woman in your arms. It seems that dancing is a prerequisite with a couple of Goddesses I know. 😉 Before and after her I have had other beautiful women try and drag me out on the dance floor. But the one that was most successful was my oldest daughter at her wedding five years ago. And no I wasn’t dragged, I was ready and willing to do my fatherly duty and have the first dance with her.That was a fun night, I danced with a few Goddesses and enjoyed myself. So, I can dance it’s just takes the right Goddess influence to get me out of my seat. I thought yesterday of a fun dance song where a Goddess wont take no for an answer, Elvis’ “Bossa Nova Baby”

    Great photos and video of the kids having fun and showing off their dancing skills. So true Sharon, your # 1 son will be a hit with the young ladies on the dance floor.



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