Self(ie) Love and Thanks

Wealth hasn’t changed who I am.

My feet are still on the ground.

I’m just wearing better shoes.

Oprah Winfrey


I’ve finally figured out the recipe for the happiest of holidays! First ingredient: Delegate! For Thanksgiving, my teens made one dish each while dinner guests added their family specialty to the buffet. They swear they’d never seen a hostess so relaxed even when the turkey burned–a casualty of computer games distracting the designated chef. I suspect forgoing heels at home had more to do with my cool, for I firmly believe (and note this second ingredient!) stilettos should only be worn to bed.

Looking at the big picture of my year, I spy the third and main ingredient: while “nothing is better than more, except all,” happiness truly depends on our ability to choose gratitude. No one teaches me this as effectively as my stubborn teen who struggles with the concept daily, cringes at hugs, and abhors giving praise. I count him among my great blessings because he reminds me that nobody can take away my power to give myself the love and approval I need.

Fingers and toes run out quickly as I count the small miracles I am thankful for: The very many fun travel adventures and the people I’ve met in my journey, the authors and Powerful Goddesses who have generously shared their wisdom and beauty on this blog, my firstborn thriving at college, he and his sister falling in love with the fun of ballroom dancing, the other son determined to do well on his SAT, the darling husband happy at work, this blog’s fans who always add inspiration and cheerful comments, family and friends who bring laughter and sunshine to our lives, excellent health, teachers who expand our understanding, acceptance and appreciation for who we are, all that what we’ve got, and what we can choose to be.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Dec 05, 2015 @ 09:28:38

    As I was scrolling through the photos of this beautiful Goddess my eyes drifted to the right. It occurred to me seeing the many years broken down in months and within them the weeks that I have personally enjoyed the labor of love and joy that you have treated us to, Sharon. I can choose any of those months, open it and go back in time and remember a photo or something that made me laugh and smile or just think but ultimately made my mind fill with pleasant thoughts. There are many things I’m thankful for and only very few regrets. These days as we live in a time full of things we hate to hear about and see it’s the moments that we set aside for ourselves that are peaceful and full of goodness and Goddesses that are some of the best moments. 🙂

    I do love the Goddess in bed with showing off her sexy legs and heels but I choose the last photo as my favorite—sexy and thanks back to you, too!



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