Good Green Envy

I envy paranoids–

they actually believe people are

paying attention to them.

Susan Sontag


With everyone’s life looking absolutely fabulous on Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to imagine that other people always have it better.  If we can’t remember that what we may be comparing are our “insides” with their “outsides,” at least, can there be a good reason why we can’t help but covet our neighbor’s goods?

Of course, envy hurts–pain is meant to be a wake up call. The closer we are to the person we envy, the more intensely we feel this emotion and the harder it is to repress. Few can openly speak of the pleasure we derive from stories of the misfortune of others.

But when we are able to admit we’re envious, we can proceed to inquire, “What am I jealous of, really?,” “What can I learn from this person’s success?,” and  “What stops me from going for what she has?”

Envy is an important clue to something we desire but have been putting off. After we go through the gamut of dark emotions it stirs in us, envy helps clarify the direction we can devote our energy next, creating our own satisfying version of reality. And may we see no evil in that!

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  1. Mountain
    Mar 03, 2016 @ 08:13:58

    I have to say that envious thoughts are not ones I spend much time with. I do have someone close to me that does and I do my best to help with that with them. Make your own way, do your own thing, I try to advise. The lives of others, everyone has its imperfections in different ways.

    Photo three…nice!



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