The Man Named Slim

Never give a woman

anything she can’t

wear in the evening.

Oscar Wilde



Slim Aarons wasn’t born photographing beautiful people. He started as a combat photographer during World War II. After years of witnessing death and destruction first hand, he vowed to live on the sunny side of the street and determined that his mission would only be to photograph “attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things.” Sound like my kind of life!

His first stop was the farthest from reality he could imagine getting: Hollywood. Aaron’s pictures of high society introduced the world to all sorts of gorgeous locales, deliberately standing far from his subjects so his camera captured their surroundings. He thought of himself as a photojournalist and a storyteller so his subjects are usually seen in their milieus–their gardens, offices, living room, with their books and pets. Despite all the glamour, the opulence, however, Aaron remained detached, never wanting to be a member of the jetset.

His archive (including those on this page) is now owned by Getty Images so the public could enjoy how he documented society during his time, allowing the likes of us from the reality TV generation, the relief of revisiting my favorite stylish and gracious eras. Thank you for the inspiration and lots of good fun in the sun, Slim!

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 Credit: Hulton|Archive by Getty Images

Credit: Hulton|Archive by Getty Images


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  1. Mountain
    Oct 19, 2016 @ 23:07:14

    In my lifetime the most iconic inspirational influence would have to be Elvis Presley. From my first introduction seeing the movie Blue Hawaii at a very young age of six years old I recognized the talent, music and songs. I love the story telling in songs and interpretation of what a song says to us personally. Later and through the years I also learned that Elvis was completely self taught, guitar, piano and singing. You have to feel it to be that dedicated in what ever is a chosen endeavor whether it is for work or entertainment. It had become apparent to me that Elvis kept his own personal political beliefs out of his entertaining of the masses. I happen to respect that. I or we usually go to some form of entertainment to make the world go away for a short time. So let us enjoy just that. Elvis changed the world for the better and in some ways that many never knew of and he always got the Goddess! 😉

    I enjoy Powerful Goddess for many of the same reasons, it makes the world go away for a time while bringing us closer to its natural beauty.



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