Blooms On This Earth

I believe in God,
I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright

I love seeing Mother Nature get all dressed up with Spring blooms (and not much else)!  May we always remember to celebrate our amazing bodies as microcosms of our wondrous planet, to be thankful for how it serves us so well we tend to take it for granted. May we stay attuned to its magic and treat it with great love and kindness.

And when we forget we do live in paradise, a toe curling verse on Flowers and Bees by @primalnightss:

How long would I
The ever thirsting supplicant
Dote upon the tender folds of spring
And with my breath
Awaken her from winters sleep
How might her petals unfold
If gently stroked by a wet
And patient tongue unyielding
And how sweet would be
One drop upon my lips
Of Morning dew so gently taken
From pink and tender buds
That I with nectar in my mouth
Would buzz and hum
To see your petals unraveled.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Apr 27, 2017 @ 08:02:42

    Living in California has been a dry and not so colorful way of life for quite a few years because of drought. This year thankfully that has changed and at least for awhile the hills and mountains are green and full of color from the blooms. I love it! A few times now I’ve driven out to the Antelope Valley on my Harley just to see the California Poppy as it grows wild in the high desert and to smell the blooms of all the wildflowers. The bright orange Poppy the purple Lupines and my favorite, any yellow flower or in many examples, colorful weeds that grow wild are appreciated. Spring…enjoy!!

    My favorite shot this week is number three!



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