I’d Rather Be Reading



Some of my best ideas

are born

of envy.

Anne Bogel



To welcome Women’s HERstory Month, a very small book “I’d Rather Be Reading” by Anne Bogel, speaks volumes of my feelings, dilemmas and longings as a devoted reader, nerd, and bookworm. It called attention to how my enthusiasm for a book might be a literary sin, perceived as book bossiness by others. It explained why I covet bookshelves of old grand libraries more than shoe closet space. Best of all, it underlined my desire for a circle of fellow book lovers, or at least a book twin, who can sift through the thousands published weekly and streamline my never ending queue of what to read next. All this while suggesting a good chunk of book titles I’m compelled to look up.

I can trace events and milestones in my life from the list of books I’ve bought or checked out of the library. My bookshelf has a collection that includes what I’ve received as gifts, what I’ve loved, as well as what patiently awaits attention.  A recurring fantasy is to find the list of all the books I’ve read since I was introduced to this great pleasure in fourth grade by another change of schools that surrounded me with classmates who loved to read, immersed daily in the adventures of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. This reading list would reveal how I started off reading what friends and my favorite aunt enjoyed, what schools and colleges required, until I began to define my own reading path. This list would map the splayed trajectory of my learning, career explorations and personal growth aspirations; the countries I wanted to or eventually visited; the romance and lifestyle I longed for; the parenting advice I sought; the books I read to keep the conversation going with our young adults who live out of the house now.

As a photographer, I strongly recommend printing a dozen or so of your favorite pictures each year because your great grandchildren will not have the patience to sift through the thousands on your smartphone–assuming the unlikely scenario that their technology would be in sync with ours. Like a good photo collection, my fantasy reading list showing book titles and reading/checkout dates is an emotional diary of sorts, that celebrates what’s important in my life at that moment. They serve as a reminder of both what happened and what it meant then, bringing back memories that are hopefully perceived by the lens of appreciation for their gifts of growth and learning.

Click on “Leave a Comment” (top left) to share the collection of books that shaped your own fabulous history. As our lives keep getting busier, consider audio books a secret weapon that allows you to keep reading while driving, working and doing chores.








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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Feb 29, 2020 @ 10:26:22

    Opening the blog this week was a treat for the eyes and my thoughts.

    The Goddess even partially hidden was easily recognized. When I looked further I confirmed she was the Goddess I expected. A beautiful woman who has graced this blog several times. But it’s not only her beauty, I always try and look more deeply and read what I see in the photos of the Goddesses’ and the settings. Photo five is my favorite, nothing hidden!

    Tracing my life in books I’ve read seems like a rather dull life. I’m one of those people that usually picks up a book for information of something technical or autobiographic or historical. But I have high regard for those who have a love of literature of any kind and look forward to what is next on the list to read. I will happily admit that I have purchased couple of books that were recommended on this blog. Thank you for widening our literary view, Sharon!



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