A Poet’s Birthday

Most plain girls are virtuous

because of the scarcity of opportunity

to be otherwise.

Maya Angelou




An ancient soul with a powerful voice that resonates long after her passing, Maya Angelou blessed this world on April 4, 1928, sharing what wisdom she gathered over her difficult childhood yet joy filled life:

Just do right

Though it may not be expedient or profitable, doing so will satisfy your soul and make the world better right where you are.

Be courageous

Without courage you can’t consistently be kind, fair, humane or generous.

Love yourself

Another way of saying this African proverb “Be careful when a naked person offer you his shirt.”


If you don’t laugh, you will lose your sense of humor and die of self-defense.

Be a blessing

Maya confessed, “I’ve had a lot of clouds in my life, but I’ve had so many rainbows in those clouds… Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

Turn struggle into triumph

The 7 year old Maya had to identify her rapist who was soon found kicked to death by protective adults.  Blaming herself of this, she chose not to speak a word for the next five years, spending this period completely immersed in books.

You are talented

 Use what you’ve got for good.

Learn to say NO!

 Keep a place within you that is clean, sacred and inviolate.

Always do your best

  If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.

Keep Rising

   The video below memorializes her in her poem And Still I Rise

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