Second Chances

The great gift of family is to be intimately acquainted with

people you would not introduce yourself to,

had life not done it for you.

Kendall Hailey

Old Hollywood Glamour by Sharon Birke

“What are you reading?”, my husband inquired.  It completely escaped me that the title of this Powerful Goddess’ memoir might make any spouse nervous:  Eat, Drink and ReMarry.    I wanted to tease him that if I were seriously considering such an option, I wouldn’t advertise it!  But he looked like he needed some reassuring so I explained that I’m reading this because my work is beyond beauty that is skin deep.  I am about beauty grown from strength through resilience.  I believe such beauty blossoms even more when we affirm each other’s choices in our journey home to self trust.

And Stacey Tucker’s courage in sharing her  life story is true inspiration!   I’ve always appreciated how divorce and remarriage expand our capacity for love.  Stacey’s guidebook for second marriages confirms this while lending a witty and comforting hand to women navigating new beginnings, those striving to make peace with the emotional quagmire of  the past.   Thank Goddess time and distance are on our side when it comes to revealing the humor and wisdom of our travails and distresses!  Thank you, Stacey, for generously giving of yourself through your book and gorgeous portraits here, for being a powerful example of our ability to prevail no matter what, and for the potent reminder that we do know what is best for ourselves if we we take the time to listen to our truth–and not to the opinion of (m)others.

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Eat Drink & ReMarry author Stacey Tucker by Sharon Birke


Old Hollywood Glamour by Sharon Birke

© Sharon Birke

201 697 1947

Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

Eat Drink & ReMarry author Stacey Tucker by Sharon Birke

Fabulous Makeup by Wendy Boiardi


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