Feminine Mystique in History

I have a brain and a uterus

and I use both.

Patricia Schroeder

Old World Glamour Portraits by Sharon Birke www.PowerfulGoddess.com

“I’m the best cook and baker.  I love to clean the kitchen and do the laundry.  My husband will be so lucky!”  My daughter beams.  I squelch the “Yikes!” I feel inside and smooth the wrinkle between my eyebrows.  My mom once sported a chic bob with a thriving banking career that helped send 5 children to college.  Now she looks like a farmer’s wife with hair as long as the skirt ordained by the fundamentalist religion my dad has adopted since they retired.   How innumerable have a woman’s choices grown since the days of illiteracy and candlelight?   How few do we consider possible for ourselves anyway?  And how strong is our need to tell others what we believe is right for them?  All for their own good, of course!

To bring to a close Women’s History Month, I thought I’d pick up on a conversation Betty Friedan started half a century ago in her book “The Feminine Mystique”–which remains relevant despite certain biases in perspective.  Staying home has become an option even for men.  Women can choose to be single, childless, work, pay someone to  have or raise her kids.  We may make our own money yet our financial independence remains hostage to the sway of media and commerce that thrive on feeding our fears and insecurities.  As for personal fulfillment, who really wants to be that responsible?  It’s far more convenient to blame someone or something else for the choices we (don’t) make.  So the mystery continues…

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Old World Glamour Portraits by Sharon Birke www.PowerfulGoddess.com



Old World Glamour Portraits by Sharon Birke www.PowerfulGoddess.com


Corset Glamour Portraits by Sharon Birke www.PowerfulGoddess.com

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Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

Money and Women by Sharon Birke www.PowerfulGoddess.com


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