Stole N Moments


A garden to walk in and

immensity to dream in–

what more could a woman ask?

A few flowers at her feet and above her the stars.

Victor Hugo


This Powerful Goddess tells me she’s been catching her forehead wrinkled too often lately: short tempered and tired from  keeping up with the never ending shoulds of work and home, nagging kids who turn deaf when plugged into their computers, unseen by a husband happy in his cocoon of all work and no play. Her oft repeated stories of discontent have finally bored her–never mind her friends and family.  She declared, “Enough of the blues!”

“But wait!” I asked, “What if we let the blues help tell your whole story?” Aren’t our joys made greater by the distance we rise from our depths?  The fire inside her refuses to be dulled by the gray of routine and obligation.  So there!   A passionate pop of orange with a warm furry stole thrown in.

“Do I really look this good?” she wanted to know.  Only if you take a moment to remember all the parts of who you are!

It is always humbling to witness the Goddess in a woman come out to play and shine through a life affirming lens.  Oh, how she blooms with praise, how she looks infinitely younger as she enjoys herself fully  in the moment!  I feel so blessed to give a woman a glimpse of the fabulousness she takes for granted in her day to day.

No matter how gray the winter, this gardener of her own soul digs deep and blooms in her own garden of delight.

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Sharon Birke

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Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Woman

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