Jeff Masters Louis


Mona Lisa’s smile hints at embarrassment

that all these people bother coming so far to see her,

when really she was nothing special.

Allison Pearson

At a Halloween party this year, everyone arrived in costume except for a woman who wore the pedestrian all black clothing with this Mona Lisa purse on her shoulder. She began to apologize profusely for not having had time to think of a fun outfit. I assured her, “Don’t put your purse down and if anyone asks what your costume is, say ‘I’m the Louvre, of course!'”

Can you imagine how much fun Jeff Koons had collaborating with the ever evolving Louis Vuitton for its Masters Collection? It features the King of Pop’s favorites in renaissance art from the landscapes of Monet and Van Gogh to the literally cheeky Reclining Girl by Boucher. Which one might your Santa have on the list?

Titian’s Mars, Venus and Cupid 1550

Van Gogh

Monet’s Water Lilies 1916

 Boucher’s Reclining Girl 1752

All photos on this page from Louis Vuitton

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Cleopatra’s Feast

She makes hungry

where she most satisfies.

Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra 


Like this Powerful Goddess, Cleopatra’s charms went way beyond beauty.  She had a keen intellect, a theatrical sense of style, and a force of character that rendered her presence irresistible. She knew how to make an indelible first impression, a grand entrance designed to weaken the knees of an audience of one or of the entire town. Even before email and despite stiff competition while her lovers traveled far and wide enduring mortal danger to expand her queendom, she new how to stir the pot of fun to keep her man coming back for more.

What ideas does this legend inspire for an extraordinary Thanksgiving feast? Present your beloved with your glamorous Powerful Goddess Cleopatra portraits before wrapping yourself in bandages like a mummy.  Let him unwrap you with his teeth, licks and kisses required for each exposed part. Use the bandages to blindfold and tie him up later.

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