What’s Love Got To Do With It?


They say love is more important than money.

Then why can’t I pay my bills

with a hug?




My young adults survived another romance free Valentine, reminding me of the pang of those “wonder” years, wondering when/if/how love will ever find me. Long after it did, I have since learned that love is so much more expansive and all-encompassing that limiting it to romance is its ultimate disservice. This past year has become the true test of our ability to let those we care for feel special even when they’re not in a relationship, or are in unsatisfying ones, or are simply lethargic from the limited options of living in separate islands of isolation.

Among the women who successfully broke free from tyranny that often gets confused with love is the iconic Tina Turner. Her memoir My Love Story tells her tale of self-love conquering all if we just keep stepping through tough times (with fabulous hair and glamorous outfits!) It is a reminder that we can choose to begin anew wherever we are (or elsewhere) with what we have, no matter what age. And when we keep our eyes open to the myriad sources of love around us–if not from family–then the friends we choose, the people we work and collaborate with, the projects that excite us, then the possibility of stumbling upon romance–in Tina’s case, with a man 16 years younger i–can merely be sweet icing on our satisfying and love-filled lives.

Expanding our awareness of love’s forms outside of romance is the best way to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of all this social distancing, because each of us is a conduit of love that requires expression. We all have so much love to give and there’s simply no room in our closets to hoard any more hugs and kisses. More high heels? Maybe.

Save March 27, 2021, Saturday, for the premiere of HBO’s documentary on Tinas life, available on demand the next day.

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