The Flirt and The Fan

There are times not to flirt.

When you’re sick. When you’re with children.

When you’re on the witness stand.
Joyce Jillson


Is the art of flirting only for the young and single?  What if you’ve been married too long and it’s too late to consult the Victorian guidelines for finding the perfect mate, e.g., “avoid a person with the same eye color as yourself, marry someone who is your opposite in physical and mental characteristics, choose a man with straight or thicker hair if your hair was curly or thin”?

A worldly older woman explains to a young husband the secret language of the fan in the 2004 movie “A Good Woman” (based on the 1892 play Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde.)  How fun is it to communicate with your darling even when you’re at opposite corners of a party room?  Handy, too, when you don’t want the kids to understand what’s being said across the dinner table.

A closed fan touched to the right eye:  “When may I see you?”
Letting the fan rest on the right cheek:  “Yes.”
Letting the fan rest on the left cheek:  “No.”
Fan held over left ear:  “I wish to get rid of you.”
Covering the left ear with an open fan:  “Do not betray our secret.”
Fan opened wide:  “Wait for me.”
Touching the finger to the tip of the fan:  “I wish to speak with you.”
Half-opened fan pressed to the lips:  “You may kiss me.”
Putting the fan handle to the lips:  “Kiss me.”
Resting the fan on her lips:  “I don’t trust you.”
Opening and closing the fan rapidly:  “You are cruel”
Quickly and impetuously closing the fan:  “I’m jealous.”
Drawing the fan through the hand:  “I hate you!”
Hands clasped together holding an open fan:  “Forgive me.”
Hiding the eyes behind an open fan:  “I love you.”
Hitting the palm of your hand:  “Love me.”
Hitting any object:  “I’m impatient.”
Dropping the fan:  “I belong to you.”
Twirling the fan in the left hand:  “We are being watched.”
Passing the fan from hand to hand:  “I see that you are looking at another woman.”

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