King and I

Alone is

such a nebulous state 

when one is queen.

Rae Carson, The Crown of Embers


In the Broadway musical, The King and I, “Something Wonderful” is what the King’s First Wife sings to Anna (the English teacher who fights, tames and falls in love with him) to coax her into stopping the fight, to simply accept the King for who he is. These are the lyrics:

This is a man who thinks with his heart,
His heart is not always wise.
This is a man who stumbles and falls,
But this is a man who tries.
This is a man you’ll forgive and forgive
And help and protect, as long as you live.

He will not always say what you would have him say
But, now and then he’ll say something wonderful.
The thoughtless things he’ll do will hurt and worry you,
Then, all at once he’ll do something wonderful.

He has a thousand dreams that won’t come true
You know that he believes in them and that’s enough for you.

You’ll always go along, defend him when he’s wrong
And tell him when he’s strong, he is wonderful.
He’ll always needs your love and so he’ll get your love
A man who needs your love can be wonderful.

by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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