To The Girls

What a wonderful life I’ve had!

I only wish

I’d realized it sooner.



On Huffington Post, Nina Bahadur invites you to offer advice for girls as they travel the path to womanhood:

Author Courtney Summers launched the hashtag #ToTheGirls on April 14, the same day that her YA novel All the Rage was released. Her hope is that women will share their best pieces of advice to young women seeking guidance and affirmation.

In a blog post about #ToTheGirls, Summers urged her followers: “Take the opportunity to tell the girls you know — and the ones you don’t — that they are seen, heard and loved. Share advice. Be encouraging. Tell us about or thank the girls in your life who have made a difference in yours.”

Women on Twitter shared their best insight on confidence, romance, success, sex and more.

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@SaraZarr : You don’t have to grow up to be a mom or a wife if you don’t want to. It’s ok to not have kids, not want to babysit, etc.

@HaleShannon  Find and stay near the people who make you feel possible, larger, worthy, interesting, excited, comfortable, confident.

@coracarmack  It’s never too late. To do what you love. To change your mind. To change your life.

@syntactics : “I’m sorry” is for when you’ve hurt someone. It’s not for when you’re asking others for respect or the right to take up space.

@FeministFists  You have the right to take back your consent at any time during a sexual situation. Even if he bought you dinner.

@elloecho  The mistakes you made do not shape who you are. They are NOT who you are. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and let them go.

@SarahDessen It’s okay if you don’t have everything together. Life is a process. Keep learning, keep loving. Keep on.







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The Tryst

Be kind to your mother in law,

but pay for her board at some good hotel.

Josh Billings

_S5A3092NYC-New Jersey-Boudoir-Portraits-Powerful-Goddess

Now that the kids are home for the summer, I find myself imagining the thrill of a tryst with my man or, at least, being someplace quiet by myself.   A hotel room can be a sanctuary to get away from it all, a cocoon for a private adventure where you can disappear and pretend to be unfindable.  The bed is a blank canvas where a new story awaits to be written.  And at the very least, the simple pleasures of 24/7 room service and clean, crisp sheets we don’t have to launder are extremely sexy–even if the kids must come along!

Click on “Leave a Comment” (above left) to add your tips for snagging a fabulous deal at your favorite destination:

1. Loyalty pays.  Avail of perks and benefits of hotel membership which usually costs nothing to join.  Even if you don’t have elite status, it never hurts to ask.  Club Floor rates may be higher but they can offer real value.

2. Bundles. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity could save you up to 20% when you bundle hotel and flight bookings.  If like me, you like variety in hotel brands, Expedia has its own loyalty program where you earn points for airfare, hotel, and car rentals through their site.

3. Social Media.  Use Twitter to search ongoing deals (enter the hotel name and “deal”).  Introduce yourself with a “Like” or announce your enthusiasm for your upcoming visit on the hotel’s Facebook page.


_S5A3056NYC-New Jersey-Boudoir-Portraits-Powerful-Goddess

_S5A3064-EditNYC-New Jersey-Boudoir-Portraits-Powerful-Goddess

_S5A3047NYC-New Jersey-Boudoir-Portraits-Powerful-Goddess

_S5A3077NYC-New Jersey-Boudoir-Portraits-Powerful-Goddess


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201 697 1947

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Glamour Portraits of the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother


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