Shades of Grey

After all these years, I finally had an orgasm–

but my doctor told me it was the wrong kind.

from Woody Allen’s film “Manhattan”

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s steamy romance would have gone with the wind if it started in our coast last week.  Hurricane Sandy swept through my ‘hood swirling far more than 50 Shades of Grey clouds and moods:  From people who were grateful to be spared losses, appreciative of a “back to basics” experience, and those with frayed nerves hanging on to the end of their rope, making do with less or without.

No cellphone nor internet connection for erotic messaging.   No heat in the red room–or any color room for that matter–though there was a wide range of pain from living without the conveniences we take for granted.  No local hardware store open to sell rope for mundane emergencies.  No escaping the bind of kids who were thrilled to be out of school a whole week!  And don’t get people started on the damage to their hearth and home, the curse of cabin fever when there’s no place to go with dubious sources of gas and food.

I appreciate how disaster brings people together though.  On any given week, we’d be running around relentlessly, too busy with our important lives.  Last week, everything came to a halt and we had to stay close to home, chill with family and neighbors, sharing what wasn’t spoiled in the pantry and lending a hand where it was needed.  It was a reminder of simple pleasures, the importance of being face to face with community, the strength of resilient spirits and what matters.  (What DID people do before electricity and the internet?)

After all that togetherness, there was mixed emotion when the lights finally came back on–BIG THANKS to the gentlemanly crew from Georgia who traveled far to fix our downed power lines.  Who says we don’t need a hunk of a hero to bring heat back to our lives?

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A Very Blessed Birthday

Age is something that doesn’t matter,

unless you are a cheese.

 Billie Burke

“Show me who’s taller!”  My teen asks his little sister to mark his height standing head to head with his younger brother.  He turns around dismayed to see his sister’s hand inches short of his brother’s top.

I tried to console him with a version of Hallmark greeting cards, “You know, it’s not how tall, it’s how happy…”

And his brother–the same one who never lets their sister win an argument–chimes in, ‘Then you win, Dude!”

I am blown away by the fullness of this past year!  I may not have grown an inch taller –without platform heels– but I have definitely reached new heights by coming home to my native talents and strengths, woven together seamlessly in service of chronicling a woman’s many joys.  I’ve been richly blessed by those who have inspired and nourished me:  friends, family, clients, models, teachers, fellow creatives, and fans, people who have given generously of their time, talents, wisdom and praise.  I feel full with gratitude that my art helps a woman celebrate who she is beyond her roles of mother, daughter, and wife.  I most love soaking in the memory of laughter shared at photo shoots, stretching comfort zones in embracing a woman’s beauty, telling her story for posterity, and honoring her amazing body that serve so many, so well in one lifetime.

THANK YOU, All, for the gifts you are to me!

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© Sharon Birke

201 697 1947

Photography for the Goddess in Every Wife & Mother

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