Water Is Life


There are only three things

women need in life:

food, water and compliments.

Chris Rock


On Earth Day, this Powerful Goddess dances with gratitude for Mother Earth’s generosity, paying homage to the source of all life: Water.

FIT’s Niki Lars turned me on to the youtube video First World Problems Read by Third World People for the charity organization WaterIsLife.com.  Haitian adults and children mouth the minor gripes and irritations that first world citizens post on Twitter–a witty role reversal calling our attention to the blessings we take for granted while many parts of world do without the most basic yet very critical comfort like clean drinking water.

Having been to places where running water is not 24/7, I still cringe when my husband runs the tap while shaving or brushing teeth, when my teen stands under the shower full blast for a half hour, when I hear about an entire reservoir being emptied of millions of gallons because a surveillance video spied a kid peeing into it.  A few decades back, who would have bet money that tap water might become captive to bottled commerce?  Maybe this is how we can begin to value what nature intended for all her creatures to freely enjoy.

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Ask me for a portrait session with your loved ones when you donate to WaterIsLife.com 

Niki Lars is a founding father of the Morning Salon, a sustainability forum open to the NYC community hosted by the Fashion Institute of Technology for companies who seek earth friendly solutions to their products and processes.






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