No Miles? Still Travel

There is something unexplored about woman

that only a woman can explore. 

Georgia O’Keefe


“Where are you going with that?” critics ask, eager to snuff out a woman’s enthusiasms in her journey of self-discovery.  As if anyone can see where every road leads at all times?  Thanks to her thirst for adventure and possibility, a woman eventually finds the courage to follow her disparate joys and passions, shrugging off naysayers along the way who can’t make sense of her choices.  This Powerful Goddess has been true inspiration in persisting to lay down tracks for a variety of learning experiences until they finally came together like puzzle pieces.

And what about the rest of us?  What can we do until we get our own eureka moment?  How about keeping one foot moving in front of the other, pursuing what thrills us even when it does not make sense to anyone?  Excitement generated by our desire to learn, experience and create feeds our souls, pulls us forward to new revelations and insights.  Even when we are not particularly good at what we choose, doing what makes us happy has intrinsic value in feeding our health with a sense of purpose and wild doses of inspiration, the fuel that sees us through the bumps of life.  For what price won’t you pay to discover what gives you personal fulfillment?

Heeding our instincts for variety and change are as vital as eating or sleeping.  It could begin with making new friends by learning new skills and hobbies, exploring a new city or vacation destination, camping in the backyard at first, peering through a microscope, trying an exotic cuisine, taking a new route to/from work or school.

To heed your nomadic instincts literally, you can begin by making peace with the unknown or the “irresponsibility” of leaving the husband and kids to fend for themselves.  There are women travel groups that assuage the fear of solo travel, providing a ready made bunch of friends who share your predilection for adventure, shopping and taking the time to smell the roses:

In our life journey after all, every road leads us back home to ourselves.  Click on “Leave a Comment” (above left) to tell us what new path you’re excited to explore.






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