Carnival of Venice

If you can visit Venice

only once in your life,

make it Carnivale!

S. Birke

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Shouldn’t you be in Venice right now?  What better place for adults to remember how to play and have fun than Carnivale–the world famous winter event that attracts revelers and tourists from every corner of the world. Before fasting and introspection, the ten days before Lent is an endless round of parties and feasts for the eyes anywhere you turn! How can you possibly keep a serious face when you’re surrounded by people who take costume even more seriously, preening strangers who revel in the anonymity of masks, robes and cloaks, cheerfully posing for any passing camera?

2015 Calendar 

Events, parties and masquerade balls

Where to stay

The Gritti Palace

Hotel Danieli

Aman Canal Grande Venice

Where to see the most costumes

Masks and costumes congregate in various sites around Venice. Weekends are the busiest. They usually start the day posing in front of the gondolas outside the Doges’ Palace at St. Mark’s Square.  You can follow the revelers when they change venues and stroll elegantly to the Arsenale, a church around the corner or take the ferry to San Giorgio and Burano Islands. Those who prefer the more authentic period costumes hang out at Caffe Florian for tea in the afternoons.

Venice Carnival 2015 runs until February 17.  If you’re not the type to dress up, done a mask at least. This year’s theme “The Most Delicious Feast in the World” celebrates Italy’s culinary traditions and triumphs so if you insist that masks and costumes are really not your kind of eye candy, feast on delicious looking Italians instead!

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© Sharon Birke

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  1. Mountain
    Feb 06, 2015 @ 08:59:41

    What is a mask but a prop for deception. They’re great fun for the party and certainly for Carnival Of Venice. But in life all we have is who we really are. When wearing that metaphoric mask we are hiding only from ourselves. Not so log ago I removed my mask. I had chosen to speak freely of what my heart felt to the ones whom I cared to know the truth and therefore all that I had said in the past became real and with a new meaning as well. Why hide what is true when it has more meaning with a face. But the truth is, eyes are rarely hidden with a mask. If you look closely there lies the truth within those eyes. I’ve seen the truth in the eyes of one who had worn a mask and maybe it was a truth known only to me, but that was good enough in my eyes–looking back.

    “The eyes shout what the lips fear to say”…William Henry

    Sharon!, your slide show and music are fantastic!! As I watched I made notes of favorite photos within it. By the end I scratched them all out because I could not possibly choose. All your works are my favorites.



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