Angel In The House


Angels can fly

because they

take themselves lightly.

GK Chesterton



With so much restless energy long confined, frustration high in the face of 24/7 togetherness and unemployment, school/work from home has been a test on everyone’s patience and sanity, especially for those living in tight quarters or in abusive relationships, and even those who aren’t. With its incessant imposition on the benevolence and diplomacy of the women who run the home, how much longer can we hang on to our wings and halo when we’d rather shrug them off and go on a free fall from grace?

Victorians fondly referred to wives as their Angels in the House, the women who handled all responsibilities that get in the way of a man’s need to focus on his work and personal pursuits.  Twentieth century progress has multiplied that load requiring a woman to prove herself capable of a career of her own while continuing to cover all the domestic bases. She has to tread lightly despite frayed nerves, be tactful around other household members who prefer to remain innocent of chores required to run it.  She is somehow expected to maintain her gentle charm and sex appeal despite the constant exhaustion.

COVID casualties, street riots and black lives protests captivate concern on a global scale. Underneath it all, an even larger but ignored statistic bears the brunt of 24/7 duty, short fuses and stubborn wills on the domestic front.  Who looks out for the well-being of the woman whose capacities are continually stretched in all directions with no reprieve?  How are we to maintain our sanity, never mind the good looks?  Who cares to lighten the load for the tired angel in their house?

In behalf of all the wives and mothers, I send out this universal plea for extra affection, consideration and indulgence when the people we live with find us prickly, bitchy, and positively devilish.

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Jul 31, 2020 @ 00:18:47

    As I was preparing for my lengthy US road trip I was distracted from commenting on this blog observation. I completely agree with the description of the female role in the management of the home front, especially in these relentless difficulties that have overwhelmed us. I am fortunate that I only have “me” to worry about but I do see the toll it takes on my daughters and their families. I try to help as I’m able too. I have always been part of the day to day raising of my kids in my past life as well as many of the household duties that are not just for women to perform.

    All seems to be currently under control with my family, thankfully! I’m working on my next trip to avoid the fake news and continue to relax and come up with a plan to parlay not working into retirement or at least partial retirement without being responsible for managing people ever again!!

    My favorite photo of this Goddess is a naughty but nice pose in number five.

    Take more road trips, Sharon! Relax and let someone else drive on short trips and enjoy the scenery as you pass on the way to a fun destination. As always, thank you for sharing your travels.



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