Peace and Party At The Farm

All animals are equal,

but some animals are

more equal than others.

George Orwell

Now that travel to other continents is not feasible for many of us in 2020, I’ve had to re-consider my aversion to long drives (ie, anything beyond 7 minutes) and to explore the joys of what’s within driving distance.  Two hours from Manhattan is the Peaceful Windhorse Farm, an idyllic party venue for those with the “return to nature” sensibility or those who want relief from all this isolation and regroup under open sky. When public transit comes back in style, the Metro North is another romantic way to get there as you soak in the zen Hudson River views along the way.

The farm’s gracious overseer guided me on a tour of its 108 acres with her handy plant ID app. That afternoon, she discovered that the wide variety of foliage on her land included a liberal sprinkling of olive trees and bushes which could be fruitful if warm weather were more fashionable year round in the Northeast.

We meandered over grassy pathways through woods and prairies that have hosted memorable candlelit parties on long dinner tables under the stars, gatherings around breathtaking bonfires, happy hour on a hill at sunset with a bartender or two possibly serving drinks from a rustic hunter’s hideout.  Its main house has a pool that can host a family for the summer.  Its expansive barn has been converted into a spacious event space for weddings or family reunions. Guests are thrilled to pet and feed the Noah’s ark stable of local residents:  2 enormous pigs, 2 handsome goats, 2 bucolic horses, 2 sheepish (I couldn’t help this!) sheep. There may have been more than 2 chickens, but we all know extra eggs always come in handy.

After harvesting the mulberry tree as far as our fingers could reach and a few futile attempts at convincing the goats and pigs they’ve had enough feasting underneath it, we sat for a picturesque dinner overlooking the pond. To my hostess’ delight, what appeared to be a little rock tucked next to the candle on the table was a live frog. She let her ravioli get cold as she excitedly searched for and downloaded the Frog ID app, determined to identify the species of this Frog Prince before we deemed it worthy of a kiss. She snapped the frog’s photo and we held our breaths while the app searched its data base. We waited… and waited some more… until, at last, the app made up its mind. This creature, the app decreed most assuredly, was a mushroom.

For inquiries on hosting your next memorable party event or family reunion at Windhorse Farm Events, contact ‭(212) 807-9642‬. And enjoy making the best of this summer of our new normal!



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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mountain
    Jul 10, 2020 @ 23:16:04

    Just today I returned from a slightly longer journey than seven minutes, actually just short of seven thousand miles without ever leaving the ground. Along the way, I enjoyed country roads, small towns, and views of many city’s. I drove over a high mountain pass from Idaho into Wyoming walked on a bridge over a gorge in Colorado, one thousand feet above the river below. Each day had a journey’s end in my RV where I social distanced and prepared meals and slept looking forward to what might be in my view along the road the next day. The high plains along the road where I crossed paths with a Mule Deer that I had not seen as I stopped for a short break. He or she warned me with a huffing noise several times. The only shot I took was with my camera, ignoring the warning. I visited a town with my family name on one of its streets. I love this country and grew up with road trips almost every year of my young life. I did think about you, Sharon as I drove and recalled some of the blog comments that you had made over the years about not caring for “road trips”. That’s alright though as we all have our own way of seeing the sites in this country and others.

    I killed a month without too much interest in the news (only the weather) and was pleased that along my travels I found kindness from total strangers. It is out there where you might least expect it, which makes it so much the better. It reminds us to pass it along!

    My favorite photo, a lucky horse that chose to have its picture taken with a beautiful Goddess!

    Safe travels!



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